Getting to Know Dickinson Wright Healthcare Attorney Mark Wilson

As the healthcare world evolves, physicians are looking at various delivery system alternatives to ensure the longevity of their practices. Some will join a health system while others look for alternatives. One choice is a new trend in the healthcare field termed “Supergroups”. “Supergroups” are business entities made up of 30 to 200+ physicians and Dickinson Wright Attorney Mark Wilson is one of the leading experts in the formation and operation of “Supergroups”.

“Supergroups are business entities that if properly formed can lead to higher quality and lower costs for their patients because the doctors have more control over every health care experience that their patient encounters,” says Mark. “We create these groups on both a local and national level.”

After a few trial runs, Mark began setting up successful “Supergroups” about 8 years ago. “Supergroups” need all types of legal representation just like any other corporation; the difference is that you are adding the additional layer of healthcare regulations on top of everything else. The challenge is to give a large group of physicians with unique practice patterns compliant guidelines for practice management yet retain the personal aspects of their practice cultures which are important to their patients.”

“I started combining physician interests about 12 – 15 years ago by creating large scale real estate “megamedaplexes”, which are owned by the doctors and became “one-stop shopping” for patients,” says Mark. “Patients love it because it’s a single patient friendly destination amongst a variety of specialists. They don’t have to call and schedule a bunch of appointments at different facilities; they can just walk down the hall if they need to see a specialist and further when you are talking to your doctor you are also talking to the owner of the facility so any concerns are handled.”

“Supergroups” build on that owner concept coupled with the idea that the strongest bond in health care is between a patient and their doctor. “The patient has literally put their life in the hands of their doctor,” Mark says. “The more your Doctor can do, the more you benefit in higher quality care; fewer mistakes; and less duplication of costs. You are not just a numbered wristband. Doctors can’t and shouldn’t do everything but they can and will do more in the future.”

Mark says that “Supergroups” are a big part of the future of medicine. In the future, doctors will be compensated based on quality, outcomes and cost. “Like minded independent physicians are structuring their practices to be in a position to provide and find the highest quality lowest cost care for their patients no matter where that resides. Joint venturing provides a comprehensive cost sharing platform with an element of real physician control.”

It takes about one to two years to comprehensively form each group and they are created as open, transparent, flexible businesses with a large scale patient base. To create these businesses, we literally draw on all of the firm’s legal platforms – antitrust, technology, labor & employment, benefits, litigation, etc. – and then every aspect of the business is impacted by a myriad of strict healthcare regulations,” says Mark. “I liken us to the guide explorers ‘Lewis & Clark’ – we are starting in St. Louis and at each stop to the ocean we’ve got legal specialists that can educate our doctors on a certain aspect of the business that will impact them as we form the Supergroup.”

Mark is a Member of Dickinson Wright. He focuses his practice on healthcare, while also handling certain real estate and environmental matters. He has assisted and facilitated the creation and ongoing operations of numerous medical “Supergroups.” He also facilitated the creation of medical “megamedaplexes” in Troy and Rochester Hills and a myriad of other single and multiple use physician owned medical and surgical facilities through Michigan.

He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, the American Health Lawyers Association, and is a Medical Main Street Ambassador for Oakland County. He was recognized as the 2013 “Lawyer of the Year – Healthcare Law” for Troy, Michigan by Best Lawyers in America and is listed in Michigan Super Lawyers and DBusiness’ Top Lawyers. He received his A.B. from the University of Michigan, his J.D. from Boston University’s School of Law, and his LL.M. from Wayne State University Law School.

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